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Children's Ear Piercing

Your child's first ear piercing doesn't have to be scary and painful, it is often an exciting and memorable experience, here i allow family members to safely accompany the child during this wonderful milestone as well as provide extra time for any nerves and to explain everything in great detail to both the adults and the child (and any curious siblings!

Before Your Visit

Before booking in, please ensure the following criteria are met:


● Children must be aged 5+ and have asked for their ears to be pierced and are given consent to have their ears pierced.


● Parents or guardians must be present throughout the appointment and sign a waiver of consent.


● Parents or guardians must present Identification, which will be stored electronically with consent form and sterilization records.


● Child must have eaten no more than 3 hours before the appointment.


● Children have final say on if the piercings are performed and are able to change their mind at any time during the process. We will not force anyone to be pierced.

Once you are ready to book an appointment, you can call to book an appointment or visit our online booking system

What To Expect At Your Appointment

On the day of your appointment please arrive on time, or let us know ahead of time that you will be late, If you arrive more than 10 minutes late you may need to be rescheduled so that the appointment after yours can be seen on time,


You can also reschedule through your appointment confirmation email up to 12 hours before. If you miss your appointment and do not call or email in advance to let us know ,your appointment will be canceled and deposit is forfeited.


Once in the studio we will go over introductions, consent forms and go over any questions or concerns that anyone may have, we will also go over the child's consent, this just means that we explain that your child is in charge and that if at any time they do not wish to continue, we are done. Hands in the air and we will step back. It's very important to not push this decision on the child and not teach them that thier "no's" mean nothing.


Don't worry!


Most Kids get through with a smile as long as they are calm, happy and prepared, and nerves are very common. We've allowed for extra time so we can go at the child's pace, no pressure!


Once all that is dealt with we can go over the fun part, Jewelry!


You can take a look at our available pieces, ranging from plain titanium, Swarovski stones and 14k gold and an anodizer on site for colour changes! Pricing for jewelry depends on the material, stone and size. We use only implant grade materials for initial and healed piercings and fully disposable, latex-free and sterile setups, this ensures the best possible healing and minimizes risk of allergic reactions and infections. All materials are sterilized or packaged sterile and disposed of as soon as used.


While the sterilizer is working its magic (around 7 minutes or so) that's when we will go over placement, take measurements and begin the prep of the ears. All markings are approved before piercing. Once the sterilizer beeps, it's time to pierce!

Piercing Time

The piercing itself takes around 10 seconds per ear with a single piercer and around 10 seconds for both if you have booked a Tandem piercing experience , With as much of a break in between as needed, there are no tools, no clamps and no loud noises. A little pain is to be expected, but it's very minimal and lasts just a moment. We will go over some breathing exercises to help keep pain to a minimum and to calm and relax the client.


Please note, some children decide after one piercing that they would rather not continue, this is not uncommon, in this situation we would simply book a new appointment for the other ear to be done on different day when the child is more comfortable, we advise parents to let the child move at their own pace as not to scare or upset them. If they are unsure if they want a second piercing at all, no problem!


We are happy to make you a new appointment when they are ready. Once the piercing part is over, we will go over the dos and don'ts, the cleaning routines and healing times as well as explain common issues and how best to avoid them, make any checkup or downsizing appointments and take payment.


You then have time to snap some photos and have the child pick a treat from our Sugar station for a job well done! (the best part of visiting!) As long as all goes well your child will need to downsize their jewelry after around 8-12 weeks, the longer backings are oversized to allow for natural swelling and irrigation of the wounds, during your first appointment we will book a checkup and downsize visit and if the ears are ready they will be changed to the healed size so they can continue the rest healing process comfortably.


At your first visit you will be given a sizing and healing card, which will have your piercing date, downsize date and all of your personal sizing information, this card will be updated at each visit so all progress is recorded. A child's first ear piercing is a memory that will stay with them, let's make it a great one!

Pricing For Minor Ear Piercing


Per pair + Jewelry Costs



(One piercer for each ear) Per pair + Jewelry costs


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